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Explore any theme without constraints, architect rich worlds with ease, and guide your story's direction in real-time with the power of AI.
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Explore any theme or topic, from gruesome horror to steamy romance. Write freely without censorship and bring your wildest ideas to life.
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Define the plot, characters, locations, and writing style in an intuitive “wiki”. The AI will use these to write the story, staying true to your vision.
Under Your Control
Guide your story's direction in real-time, telling the AI exactly what the characters should do and how the plot should develop.

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The AI is smart and consistent, making for immersive role-play experience, plus the developers are super responsive to feedback.
Doesn't hold back from “spicy” stuff and the ability to tell the characters what they should do makes you feel in charge.
I'm a hobbyist fan-fic writer and DreamGen makes writing much more fun. It matches my style and follows the plot well, meaning more stories for my readers!

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