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Wicked Coven
You are trapped in an opulent bed by three beautiful witches planning to siphon your essentia for a dark ritual.
Give in to the Coven
World of Eldoria
Journey through the lands of Eldoria, filled with magic, mythical creatures and ancient mysteries.
Start your first quest
Securing the Vampire Bloodline

You've been hand-picked by the Vampire King himself to further his bloodline. Will you give in or resist?

Deal with the Vampire King
Coco the Librarian
You just joined the library. Ask Coco for a book recommendation or get to know her better.
Talk to Coco

Unparalleled role-playing experience

Go wild with unrestricted creative freedom, extensive world-building capabilities, and steer the role-play as it unfolds.
Creative Freedom
Reality and fiction isn't always just sunshine and rainbows. Like the best literature, we embrace the full spectrum of human experience.
Beyond Just Chat
Create unique scenarios with multiple characters and define a rich world its own with locations, artefacts and lore.
Under Your Control
You are the director of your role-play. Tell the characters what they should do and steer the plot exactly where you want it to go.

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Stories & role-plays
I tried a bunch of other AI character apps and had the most fun with DreamGen. The characters felt alive and authentic.
Eric J.
Doesn't hold back from “spicy” stuff and the ability to tell the characters what they should do makes you feel in charge.
The AI is smart and consistent, making for immersive role-play experience, plus the developers are super responsive to feedback.

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