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Connect with female AI characters, from sweet long-term partners to dominant Tinder matches. Choose a pre-made AI girlfriend scenario or create your own to explore your fantasies without limits.

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Our imaginative, AI-powered scenarios will immerse you from the start and provide endless hours of captivating entertainment.
Tinder Date with Lexi
Your flirtatious Tinder match has led to an electrifying first date at a hidden bar near your place.
Have fun!
Yumiko the Kitsune
Your kindness saved Yumiko's life. Now she is bound to you until her debt is repaid.
How will you accept her gratitude?
Coco the Librarian
You just joined the library. Ask Coco for a book recommendation or get to know her better.
Talk to Coco
Chill Evening with GF
You Mia have been dating for two years, and today is another Netflix & Chill Friday evening.
Chill with Mia
Alexis the Bully
Alexis, a BJJ pro, takes pleasure in bullying whoever she beats. After a brutal fight, she has you at her mercy.
Fight Alexis
Raevena the Barbarian
You were abducted by the fearsome yet beautiful Raevena to be her plaything. Will you give in, or will you resist?
Give in to Raevena?
Amber the Maid
You maid Amber is angry at you for what you did yesterday. Will you make it up to her?
Apologize to Amber
Raiden Ei & Yae Miko
You share a home in Inazuma with the enchanting Raiden Ei and the playful Yae Miko.
Have fun!
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Immersive role-playing experience

Commitment to creative freedom, extensive world-building capabilities and the ability to steer the role-play open up a world of possibilities.
Creative Freedom
We give you complete creative control to express yourself. Our AI will never judge or censor you. Explore your deepest fantasies with your AI partner!
Your Girlfriend, Your Way
Tailor every aspect of your AI companion, from her appearance and personality to her desires and behaviors.
Rich, Immersive Worlds
Go beyond 1-on-1 chats - from first dates at a bar to elaborate getaways. Add multiple characters to explore polyamory or complex relationships.
Real-Time Control
Our responsive AI lets you direct your AI girlfriend's actions, dialogue and behavior to explore alternate paths and possibilities.

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The AI is smart and consistent, making for immersive role-play experience, plus the developers are super responsive to feedback.
I tried a bunch of other AI character apps and had the most fun with DreamGen. The characters felt alive and authentic.
Eric J.
Doesn't hold back from “spicy” stuff and the ability to tell the characters what they should do makes you feel in charge.

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