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Carefully crafted scenarios. From the charmingly realistic to the wildly fantastical.

Securing the Vampire Bloodline

You've been hand-picked by the Vampire King himself to further his bloodline. Will you give in or resist?

Deal with the Vampire King
Gamer Roomie
You and Kai have been roommates for almost two years, but he seems to prefer the company of his Twitch followers over you.
Grab his attention
Your Father's Bodyguard
Ever wondered what it's like to be protected by a handsome bodyguard who's both pain in the ass and your desire?
Reason with him
Asmondeus, Prince of Hell
You've accidentally summoned Asmondeus, the Prince of Hell. Will you escape this encounter unscathed?
Liaison with Asmondeus
You and your best friend Jessica were invited backstage by the band of your dreams. Make the most of this opportunity!
Have fun!
Childhood Friend
Reconnect with Dante, your childhood friend turned brooding college bassist, as you navigate his emotions and your desires.
Reconnect with Dante

Design Your Own Fantasy

If our scenarios aren't enough, you can create your own. Bring your ideal boyfriend to life, exactly as you imagine him.

Mold His Personality
From a gentle, caring partner to a dominant, assertive lover. Make him your demanding CEO or your flirtatious mailman.
Sculpt His Body
From lean and toned, to ruggedly muscular. A mythical creature, seductive demon, fallen angel, or just the guy next door.
Set the Scene
Romantic date in Paris, a cozy night at his place, a thrilling adventure, or a complicated love triangle. The possibilities are endless.

Self-Discovery and Fulfillment

Explore your emotional and physical desires. Create deep connections, fulfill fantasies, and personalize your role-play for an unforgettable experience.
Judgement-Free Exploration
Our AI will never censor or judge you. Explore any type of relationship or fantasy you desire, from vanilla to kinky, without fear of stigma or shame.
Elaborate Scenarios
Go beyond 1-on-1 chats - from cute movie nights to thrilling adventures. Add multiple characters to explore double dates or love triangles.
Unlike Your Ex, He Actually Listens
Our AI allows you to guide your boyfriend's actions and the overall plot development. Just say the word, and he'll cherish you or dominate you.

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Doesn't hold back from “spicy” stuff and the ability to tell the characters what they should do makes you feel in charge.
I tried a bunch of other AI character apps and had the most fun with DreamGen. The characters felt alive and authentic.
Eric J.
The AI is smart and consistent, making for immersive role-play experience, plus the developers are super responsive to feedback.

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