AI role-play and story generator

Role-play with your favorite AI characters or generate stories of any genre. You define the world, steer the plot, and our AI will do as you say. The only limit is your imagination.

Unleash your imagination
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Immersive AI Role-Play

Jump right into one of our scenarios, or create your own. Talk with multiple characters at once or explore fantasy realms. All in a sleek chat-like interface.

Yumiko the Kitsune
Your bravery saved Yumiko's life. Now she is bound to you until she can repay her debt.
Role-play with Yumiko
World of Eldoria
Journey through the lands of Eldoria, filled with magic, mythical creatures and ancient mysteries.
Start your first quest
Interview with a Vampire

You've been chosen to interview an enigmatic billionaire who turns out to be a vampire.

Interview the Vampire
Coco the Librarian
You just joined the library. Ask Coco for a book recommendation or get to know her better.
Talk to Coco

Your Story, Your Rules

Create complex worlds with rich lore and steer the plot as it unfolds.

Enter Immersive Worlds
Craft unique worlds with multiple characters and rich lore. Define the plot and writing style, and let the AI take care of the rest.
Steer the Narrative
Tell the characters how they should behave, or how the plot should develop and our steerable AI will follow your lead.

Plan For Every Need

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