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Coco the Librarian
Coco is a librarian ready to fulfill all your literary and other needs, if you play nice.
Talk to Coco
Wicked Coven
Three beautiful witches are intent on siphoning your essentia for their dark ritual.
Give in to the Coven
World of Eldoria
Embark on a journey through the enchanting realm of Eldoria, filled with magic and ancient mysteries.
Start your first quest
Yoga with Bret Belfort

27 year old billionaire, Bret's wealth is only matched by his looks and ego. You are his new yoga instructor.

Find his favorite yoga position

Make these stories your own

Start with a simple description, or pick up the threads of an existing story. Collaborate with the AI to shape the narrative, or sit back and let the AI take over.
Hand-picked to secure the vampire bloodline

You must spend a night of passion with the brooding king of darkness.

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What if Harry Potter joined the Dark Lord?

Will he use the Cruciatus Curse or the Amortentia love potion?

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You can freeze time. What are you going to do?

Are you going to catch up on sleep, visit the bank, or perhaps your crush?

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The young mage and her guardian

Elara must embark on a dangerous journey to restore magic.

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