We Tested the 10 Best NSFW AI Writer Tools

Helpful Summary

  • Overview: This article comprehensively reviews DreamGen’s top ten NSFW AI Writer Tools. We offer insights into each tool's unique features, pros, and cons.
  • Why you can trust us: With extensive experience using and building NSFW AI tools, DreamGen is a reliable and authoritative source that provides trustworthy information and actionable advice.
  • Why this is important: This information highlights how NSFW AI writing tools cater to the unique and specific demands of writers, adult content creators, and individuals seeking virtual relationships.
  • Action points: The ten NSFW AI writer tools we’ll discuss are—DreamGen, DeepFiction AI, Sudowrite, NovelAI, AI Dungeon, Pirr, Claude, OpenSpoken AI, Candy.AI, and Infermatic AI.
  • Further research: Check out the DreamGen blog for more reviews, guides, and tutorials.

Looking for the Best Uncensored AI Writer Tools?

AI writing tools are everywhere… but AI writing tools that aren’t censored and treat you like an adult? Pretty hard to come by.

This is partially because many mainstream AI models (like GPT-4) have guardrails in place to prevent them from generating explicit content such as violence, NSFW and all kinds of other mature themes. So, all the tools that use these models are permanently stuck in the G to PG range.

That said, there are plenty of alternative AI writing tools out there that aren’t subject to the same restrictions and limitations. We’re talking PG-13 to X-rated content here. And in this DreamGen guide, we’re introducing you to ten of our absolute favorites.

But first…

Why Trust Us?

DreamGen stands out as a trustworthy source for information on unfiltered AI writing tools.

We know how hard it is to find tools that actually let people explore explicit themes. We’ve put in the time and effort to test out numerous options, so you can trust that these recommendations are coming from firsthand experience.

What is an uncensored AI Writing Tool?

NSFW stands for “not safe for work.” It’s an internet-ey way of marking content that you probably wouldn’t bring up at the office to avoid offending anyone or making them uncomfortable, like:

  • Violence
  • Nudity and sex

…and so on.

Many mainstream AI models have filters against NSFW generations. We get it—these are multi-billion dollar businesses that cater to users of all ages and AI is very unpredictable.

But unfiltered AI story writers? That’s a whole other story (pun intended). These are tools specifically designed for adults that don’t have any content filters in place. They’re perfect for fiction and fanfiction writers and enthusiasts who want to explore mature themes in their writing.

Top 10 Unfiltered / NSFW AI Writing Tools

Here’s our TLDR version:

  1. DreamGen
  2. DeepFiction AI
  3. Sudowrite
  4. NovelAI
  5. AI Dungeon
  6. Pirr
  7. Claude
  8. OpenSpoken AI
  9. Candy.AI
  10. Infermatic AI

1. DreamGen

DreamGen is an AI-powered platform for super engaging AI powered story-writing and role-play.


Our top priority is delivering an AI writing experience that gives you full creative freedom. We understand that stories sometimes explore mature themes for various important and worthwhile reasons.

And we also believe that determining what constitutes an important or worthwhile theme should be up to you, the writer. The bottom line? We don't filter your stories, and we don't censor your creativity.

At the same time, we understand the importance of a comfortable user experience. DreamGen maintains a neutral, professional interface, allowing you to explore your creativity without feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious about using our platform.


  • Story-Writing Mode: Create vivid, long-form stories with our intuitive editor and integrated AI tools.
  • Role-Play Mode: Engage in 1:1 or group chats with custom or user-generated characters for role-playing fun.
  • Story Bible: Store all the details (items, characters, locations, etc.) for your story in one convenient place and help the AI pull in relevant details.
  • Story “Steering”: Direct your stories and role-plays using simple instructions to keep things on track.
  • Model Customization: Access a deep settings menu that gives you granular control over the outputs and behaviors of our AI models.
  • Scenario Generator: Generate fleshed out story ideas complete with characters, settings, and more with the click of a button.


DreamGen pricing
  • Starter: Great when the smaller AI is all you need.
  • Advanced: Leverage the best AI model and have better AI memory.
  • Pro: Unlimited use of the best AI model and the largest AI memory.

You can also use DreamGen for free with our generous free tier.


  • Story bible to keep track of the plot, characters, locations and more
  • Pre-written characters and scenarios & tools to help you generate story ideas
  • Supportive community
  • Generous free tier & flexible pricing plans
  • Excellent customer support
  • Open-source models
  • API Access


  • Newbies may face a slight learning curve (but we have great resources!)

2. DeepFiction AI

DeepFiction AI

DeepFiction AI is a unique AI tool combining writing, image, and video generators under one roof. Its Story Generator tool offers one-shot SFW story generation. Lustix is its NSFW AI story generator—you can choose kinks and fantasies, define scenarios, and generate compelling stories.


  • Personalized Story Creation: Utilizes advanced AI to generate highly personalized erotic stories based on user input and preferences.
  • Image Generation: Generates an NSFW image to accompany every story you generate with the tool.
  • User Contributions: Encourages users to submit their own stories, enhancing the community aspect of the platform.


DeepFiction AI Pricing
  • Starter ($5/mo): 50 credits
  • Basic ($20/mo): 150 credits
  • Pro ($75/mo): Unlimited credits


  • Explicitly designed for mature and complex erotic narratives
  • Credits can be purchased as needed


  • Their credit-based system can be limiting
  • Very little customization

3. Sudowrite


Sudowrite is an AI writing tool designed specifically for long-form creative writing. Its default model is based on GPT-3 and -4 (which we all know means NSFW generations are a no-go). However, they recently introduced the option to switch to "Unfiltered Mode" when you want to spice up your writing.

Related: Check out our comparison of Sudowrite and NovelAI to see how these two tools stack up.


  • Unfiltered Mode: Switch to unfiltered mode to generate text that involves NSFW themes like sex and violence.
  • Story Bible: Gives you a centralized place to store info about your story—from characters to items.
  • Plugins: Access tons of community made “plugins” (basically extensions) that add more NSFW capabilities to Sudowrite.


Sudowrite has three plans and offers 50% off when you pay yearly.

Sudowrite Pricing

Here’s what you can expect to pay for credits each month:

  • Hobby & Student ($10/mo): 225,000 credits per month
  • Professional ($22/mo): 1,000,000 credits per month
  • Max ($44/mo): 2,000,000 credits per month


  • Generates multiple content variations
  • Utilizes advanced AI models (GPT-4o and Claude 3 Opus)


  • Considered more expensive per generation compared to other AI tools
  • Switching to Unfiltered mode each time is annoying

4. NovelAI

Novel AI

NovelAI is a popular AI writing tool we’ve written about quite a bit. Since the tool uses proprietary models, it can generate NSFW content without skipping a beat. It also offers image generation, although it isn’t clear what the content policy is here.


  • Trained for Prose: Access AI models that are designed to write compelling prose (both SFW and NSFW).
  • Custom AI Modules: Teach the AI to create content that fits your theme by training and fine- tuning your own AI modules.
  • Lorebook: Similar to DreamGen’s Story Bible—store everything about your characters, settings, and more.


NovelAI offers four plans:

NovelAI Pricing
  • Free trial: 100 free text generations
  • Tablet ($10/mo): 3,072 tokens of memory
  • Scroll ($15/mo): 6,144 tokens of memory
  • Opus ($25/mo): 8,192 tokens of memory


  • Designed for fiction
  • Offers NSFW writing by default


  • Requires significant prep to set up the story, characters, and settings
  • Settings can be confusing to configure

5. AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is a text-based adventure “game” where you create interactive narratives with AI… so, in other words, it’s a role-play chatbot. It supports NSFW content, so you can take your writing to the next level with more mature themes and scenes.


  • NSFW Scenarios: Jump right into a user-created NSFW scenario or create and share your own on the AI Dungeon forum.
  • Safety Settings: Control how NSFW you want your role-plays to be with three different tiers for maturity.
  • Story Steering: Interact with characters using four different kinds of prompts—see, do, say, and story.


AI Dungeon offers five plans:

AI Dungeon Pricing
  • Free: Up to 2K token context
  • Adventurer ($9.99/mo): Up to 4K token context
  • Champion ($14.99/mo): Up to 8K token context
  • Legend ($29.99/mo): Up to 16K token context
  • Mythic ($49.99/mo): Up to 32K token context

AI Dungeon offers a one-week free trial on all subscriptions, where you’ll have access to all premium benefits before you’re charged.


  • Multiplayer mode for collaborative storytelling
  • Adaptable AI responds to input dynamically


  • Steep learning curve
  • Moderation and censorship issues

6. Pirr


Pirr is a mobile app that’s part NSFW story generator and part community for NSFW story enthusiasts. It features a very simple workflow for creating stories (basically a form) and a nice UI for reading and editing them.


  • Story Generation: Generate NSFW stories in minutes and decide whether you want others to be able to read them or not.
  • Collaborative or Solo Writing: Create stories with other users for a fun, collaborative AI writing experience.
  • Add Visuals: Add visuals to your stories to keep them interesting and boost reader engagement.


Pirr is currently free to use.


  • Mobile accessibility
  • Users can read and interact with stories created by others


  • Limitations on certain topics
  • Some users report content inconsistencies

7. Claude

A quick disclaimer—Claude definitely has guardrails and limitations, but compared to ChatGPT, they’re much more forgiving and context-aware. Claude is perfectly fine with NSFW content (within reason) as long as it’s not gratuitous.


For example, if you ask Claude to write you a list of swears, it will politely decline. However, if you ask Claude to write you a paragraph that would be considered rated R due to language, it’ll pull out all the stops to deliver a masterpiece.

Same goes for violence and suggestive sexual content. And since Claude is almost as flexible as ChatGPT, these NSFW capabilities make it useful for all kinds of things—from ideating stories or scenes to analyzing and understanding complex texts.


  • OCR: Upload an image, and Claude can answer questions about it, pull out important information, and offer opinions.
  • Flexible Content Filters: Request non-gratuitous NSFW content for specific purposes, and Claude will be able to generate text in response.
  • Advanced AI Algorithms: Claude 3 Opus is one of the most advanced AI models out there, so the fact that it can generate some NSFW content is exciting.


Claude is free to use if you’re happy with basic models. To access Claude 3 Opus, you’ll need to pay for Pro ($20/month).

Claude Pricing


  • Probably the smartest AI model
  • Very natural prose generation


  • Pro only gives you 45 messages every 5 hours
  • NSFW content is supported, but requires elaborate work-arounds
  • Using Claude through the API makes it the most expensive AI model—a short story will cost you $100+

8. OpenSpoken AI

OpenSpoken AI

OpenSpoken AI is like Jasper, but for professionals and companies that work in inherently NSFW industries—think sex workers, artists tackling adult themes, violent games, and so on. It offers sales and marketing-focused templates (like Jasper), without limitations.


  • Uncensored Generations: Creates unrestricted, uncensored text that covers topics like sex, drugs, violence, gambling, and so on.
  • Templates: Get started quickly with pre-written templates for various industries, including adult entertainment, gaming, and more.
  • Virtual Experts: Create virtual “experts” to ask advice on topics like branding, storytelling, lead generation, and more.


OpenSpoken AI has two plans:

OpenSpoken AI Pricing
  • Basic ($29/mo): 50,000 words per month
  • Business ($49/mo): 200,000 words per month


  • Uncensored ready-made templates
  • AI experts for tailored advice


  • Limited team members
  • Not the most reliable generations

9. Candy.AI


Candy.ai is an ace AI platform for immersive, customized role-plays. Experience creative liberty with their unique, engaging scenarios featuring realistic AI characters and visual and audio inputs—perfect for crafting vibrant role-playing scripts.


  • Adaptive Dialogue Allows AI characters to react in real time to your input. This keeps your role-play scripts lively and grows based on your choices and actions.
  • Role-Playing Templates: Ready-to-use templates for all kinds of role-playing scenarios. You can tweak them to suit your needs, making script building easy and time-saving.
  • Realistic Interaction: uses super-smart AI to make role-playing scripts feel authentic and consistent.


Candy.ai offers a free plan and one paid plan with two subscription offers:

  • Free: Access to basic features. Suitable for exploring the platform’s features
  • Monthly premium plan ($12.99/mo): Create and customize AI characters
  • Yearly premium plan ($5.99/mo): Access to all benefits offered in the monthly premium plan but at a reduced cost overall.


  • Advanced AI tools to create unique personalities
  • Frequently rolls out new features


  • Limited free trial
  • No mobile app

10. Infermatic AI

Infermatic AI

Last on our list? Infermic AI. This unique AI tool is like ChatGPT without any limitations on the specific model powering the generations. As a result, Infermatic can generate NSFW content for stories and role-plays, while ChatGPT cannot.


  • Flexible Models: Access any publicly available AI models through a ChatGPT-like front-end for enhanced ease of use.
  • High Token Limits: Create deep and detailed narratives with high token limits for extra-long stories.
  • Familiar UI: If you’ve every used ChatGPT, Infermatic AI will be instantly familiar.


Infermatic offers three plans:

Infermatic AI Pricing
  • TotalGPT Free: 300 requests per day
  • TotalGPT Plus ($15/mo): 86,400 requests per day
  • Infermatic Commerical API (custom)


  • Customizable API integration
  • Longer and more detailed story outputs


  • Integrating and customizing through APIs can be technically challenging


This article has explored various AI writing tools that cater to a wide range of creative needs, from casual chatting to in-depth story-writing.

Are you a writer, author, or role-play enthusiast looking for a platform that offers true creative freedom without filters or censorship?

At DreamGen, we provide unrestricted AI models, unlimited story length, and advanced, judgment-free AI assistance. Our platform is designed to support your creative journey without imposing limits on your imagination. Experience how DreamGen can enhance your AI-assisted story-writing and role-play with complete creative liberty—get started with DreamGen for free today!