We Tested Some of the Best JanitorAI Alternatives Out There

Helpful summary

  • Overview: We evaluate seven of the best alternatives to Janitor AI. We focus on their unique features and pricing to help you find an alternative that works.
  • Why you can trust us: we’re huge AI role-play fans and have logged a ton of hours with JanitorAI in the process of building our own alternative.
  • Why this is important: There are an absolute ton of AI role-play tools out there—and not all of them are worth your time (or money).
  • Action points: The seven best alternatives we discuss are—DreamGen, Character AI, NovelAI, Muah.AI, Replika, Romantic AI, and Spicychat.
  • Further research: Check out the DreamGen blog for more reviews, guides, and tutorials.

Looking for the Perfect Alternative to JanitorAI?

JanitorAI is a lot of fun to use. But it isn’t perfect—questionable generations, limited customization, and the fact that it’s almost hard-coded for NSFW content are just some of the reasons why you might be looking for a different AI alternative.

Fear not… we’ve got you covered.

In this DreamGen guide, we’ve tested seven of the top JanitorAI alternatives to help you find a platform that does exactly what you need it to do. We compare features, pricing, pros, cons, and more to back up our recommendations.

But first…

Why Listen to Us?

At DreaGen, we’re committed to building the best tool for AI role-play and story-writing. As part of this mission, we’ve spent a lot of time playing around with other tools on the market—including JanitorAI—to see what they do well (and not so well).

The bottom line? We know our stuff when it comes to AI writing tools, and we’re excited to share our insights with you.

What Is JanitorAI?

JanitorAI is an extremely popular AI chatbot platform that lets you create and chat with all kinds of virtual characters. It offers both SFW and NSFW role-plays, but there’s definitely an NSFW focus with the majority of the chatbots hosted on the platform.


It offers a simple UI, public chats, commenting, an intuitive chatbot creation workflow, and even basic controls over AI outputs.

Key Features

  • Character Creation: Create your own AI characters in minutes by defining their behavior.
  • Character Library: Access a library with thousands of existing characters and scenes.
  • Model Flexibility: Use JanitorAI’s default model or switch to KoboldAI or OpenAI.
  • No Restrictions: Chat about anything with no limitations or censorship.
  • Chat Memory: Add notes to a chatbot’s permanent memory to reclaim context tokens.


JanitorAI is completely free to use.

Top 7 JanitorAI Alternatives

  1. DreamGen
  2. Character AI
  3. Novel AI
  4. Muah AI
  5. Replika AI
  6. Romantic AI
  7. SpicyChat AI

1. DreamGen

DreamGen is a JanitorAI alternative that offers unrestricted role-playing and story-writing. Our custom, open-source models are designed to deliver engaging prose and realistic dialogues that span any topic you want.


Like JanitorAI, we offer a library of existing characters you can start chatting with instantly. We also make it easy to create your own chatbots, scenarios, stories, and scenes, so if you have a specific character or scenario in mind, DreamGen is the perfect tool to bring it to life.

Key Features

  • Open-Source AI: Start creating with purpose-built AI models—all available on Hugging Face.
  • Customizable AI: Fine-tune your AI’s outputs and behavior with granular control over all settings.
  • Story-Writing Mode: Create long-form content with our story editor and organizational tools.
  • Role-Play Mode: Engage in interactive role-play with your AI characters—1-to-1 or group chat.
  • Story Bible: Store and organize all your character, setting, and scene descriptions in one place.
  • Unrestricted Creativity: Create whatever you can imagine with no limits or restrictions.


Here is the pricing information for our monthly billing. You’ll get 50% off your first month.

DreamGen pricing
  • Starter: Great when the smaller AI is all you need.
  • Advanced: Leverage the best AI model and have better AI memory.
  • Pro: Unlimited use of the best AI model and the largest AI memory.


  • Unfiltered conversations content support
  • Multiple AI models
  • Enhanced editor functionality
  • Open-source models
  • API Access
  • Flexible price plans
  • Community support
  • Generous free-tier


  • Some users may find the settings complex (but we have great docs!)
  • Slight learning curve

2. Character AI


Character AI is very similar to JanitorAI in many respects. The biggest difference? Character AI is completely SFW—you won’t be able to generate any kind of adult content with its AI models, no matter how hard you try.

Key Features

  • Huge Character Library: Access tens of thousands of user-created characters for chats and role-plays.
  • Simple Character Creation: Create custom characters by answering a few simple questions about them.
  • Multicharacter Chat Rooms: Create chat rooms where your characters can interact in real-time for enhanced storytelling.


Character AI is free to use. However, if you want to support development and skip the queue for popular characters, c.ai+ is $9.99/month.


  • Very easy to use
  • Supports multicharacter chats
  • Privacy and customization


  • AI occasionally forgets parts of longer conversations
  • Queues are annoying

3. Novel AI


NovelAI is a fun, surprisingly powerful AI role-play and story-writing tool that offers many similar features to JanitorAI. It also has a big library of characters and scenes, is NSFW, and has a large community of active users.

Key Features

  • Image Generation: Capable of conjuring colorful visuals from detailed textual prompts.
  • Text Adventure Mode: Interact with AI in an old-school text adventure-style game.
  • Storytelling Mode: Collaborate with AI to write a story together.


Novel AI offers three plans:

NovelAI Pricing
  • Tablet ($10/mo): 3,072 tokens of context memory
  • Scroll ($15/mo): 6,144 tokens of context memory
  • Opus ($25/mo): 8,192 tokens of context memory

There’s also a free trial that offers 100 text generations free.


  • Great, customizable editor
  • Capable aI models


  • Settings are a bit confusing to configure
  • Inconsistent AI output

4. Muah.AI


Muah.AI is an AI platform that takes your text, photo, and voice interaction to a new level. Its dynamic chat controls, multilingual options, and solid privacy protections make it a fantastic alternative to JanitorAI.

Key Features

  • Voice Interactions: Chat through real-time voice interactions and hear your AI characters speak.
  • User-Created Characters: Browse through a library of over 1,000 pre-made AI characters or create your own.
  • Photo Exchange and Enhancement: Share and receive images, taking your conversations to a visually exciting level.


Muah.AI offers four subscription plans:

  • Free Plan: Basic chat functionalities
  • Basic VIP ($9.99/mo): Access to thousands of characters
  • GPT4 VIP ($49.99/mo): 800% smarter for deep conversation
  • ULTRA VIP Membership ($99.99/mo): AI companion phone call


  • Multilingual support
  • Realistic voice interactions


  • Expensive premium subscription plans
  • Occasional technical issues

5. Replika AI

Replika AI

Replika AI is your friendly companion renowned for its empathetic chats. It helps you build a meaningful bond as it learns to respond to your emotional needs. Each interaction grows more personalized, better understanding your feelings and offering comfort and companionship like never before.

Key Features

  • Voice and Video Chats: See and hear your Replika in real time through voice and video chats.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Replika AI learns your emotional state and responds accordingly to support you.
  • Mood Tracking and Emotional Insights: Track your mood and emotional state, gaining insights to uplift your mental health and well-being.


Replika AI offers two plans:

  • Free Plan: 24/7 availability for conversations
  • Replika Pro ($19.99/mo or $49.99/yr): Coaching and mental health support


  • Voice and video calls
  • Extensive customization options for your AI companion


  • Potential for misunderstandings
  • Some users feel that content censorship has negatively impacted the authenticity of the platform

6. Romantic AI

Romantic AI

Romantic AI provides AI companions that can engage in emotionally supportive conversations and explicit roleplaying. You can customize your AI's personality and appearance, and chats are saved to allow the relationship to develop over time.

Key Features

  • Two Chat Modes: Engage in friendly conversation with General Mode or practice flirting and romantic communication with Romantic Mode.
  • Photo Sharing: Exchange photos with your AI companion. Use the "unblur" feature to reveal hidden parts of shared images.
  • Unlimited Messaging: Premium users can send unlimited messages without interruption.


Romantic AI offers a free version with limited features and three premium subscription plans:

  • Weekly Subscription ($6.99): Access to all premium features
  • Annual Subscription ($44.99): Unlimited texting and AI characters
  • Lifetime Subscription ($99.99): Enhance LLM capabilities

In-app credits called “Hearts” can be used to unlock exclusive content:

  • 100 Hearts for $4.99
  • 300 Hearts for $9.99
  • 500 Hearts for $15.99
  • 1,000 Hearts for $19.99


  • Diverse conversational scenarios
  • Empathetic responses


  • Their “Hearts” system can grow expensive over time
  • Limited real-world knowledge

7. SpicyChat


Spicychat is an advanced AI chatbot platform specializing in NSFW content. This platform truly shines with various personalization features and dynamic conversation abilities, giving JanitorAI a run for its money in terms of character diversity and generations.

Key Features

  • Massive Library: Access more than 30,000 pre-made, NSFW chatbots and characters for almost any kink or fantasy.
  • AI Settings: Mess with settings like creativity and output length to find the perfect conversation for you.
  • Customization: Customize your own chatbot and share it with others in the community.


SpicyChat AI offers three subscription plans for different levels of engagement:

  • Get a Taste Plan - Level 1 ($5.00/mo): Customize chatbot memory
  • True Supporter Plan - Level 2 ($14.95/mo): Longer conversations
  • I’m All In Plan - Level 3 ($24.95/mo): Advanced AI models for sophisticated interactions


  • Great selection of characters
  • Very active community


  • Long wait times are common
  • There is no image-sharing feature in the chat


JanitorAI is a popular platform with tons of fans and a lot going for it. But it isn’t for everyone—issues like overly NSFW focus and questionable generations may be a dealbreaker for some AI roleplay fans. So, if you’re looking for alternatives, start with the seven options covered above.

Looking for unrestricted AI role-play and story-writing? DreamGen might be the perfect fit.

We offer limitless, custom AI models and a suite of features designed to help you create with the help of AI. Plus, our generous free plan makes it easy to test DreamGen out for yourself before committing to a paid plan.

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